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raranda said:   results   2009-3-6 8:19:53
minersboy said:   Re:Re:Miners are different nowadays   2006-2-18 15:0:3
well, I've to admit that CUSA is different conference now, but I still think, giving some time, we can go back to the good old days... Regarding Miners, we are probably in one of the best period in the history, we've got a steal for a great football coach, and the basketball program is also in the upswing. let's go miners!
gousa said:   Re:Miners are different nowadays   2006-2-14 10:17:27
hey dude, let's be fair! CUSA ranks 17th and WAC 10th in Sagarin:

in RealTime RPI, they are 17th and 11th, respectively:

football we're definetely stronger than WAC...
Rubble said:      2006-2-12 12:16:32
Conf-USA is stronger than the WAC in football and basketball. C-USA is stronger than the MWC in basketball and about the same in football.
Rubble said:   This board doesn't work   2006-2-12 12:12:36
WTF or maybe it's my computer anyways when you reply to someone's message it just post a new message when you want to say something
Rubble said:   Re:Miners are different nowadays   2006-2-12 12:10:49
Dude, UTEP rules and C-USA is better than the WAC in football and basketball and better than the MWC in basketball, and probably about the same as the MWC in football.
diablosisaminerfan said:   Re:Miners are different nowadays   2006-2-12 11:48:4
no because we had turned our program around before we got to cusa (probably that is the reason why we are in cusa), it just means the we decided to spend more time and money to turn this program around.
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