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ezdrifter said:   A short drive home from Vegas for the Bruins   2014-2-20 6:43:10
Did you hear the shot around the world last night? Bear season is approaching and the Bruins will not make it out of Vegas without defeat.
coolguy said:   pac10 is way down!   2010-3-7 22:4:27
looks like worse than Mount. West now. let's see if the expansion works....
justtest said:   what are the fans?   2009-3-13 14:43:0
ACC forums are way more active than Pac10. Pac10 going down?
gousa said:   Re:What is up with Poll Voters   2007-2-19 22:12:11
Absolutely! I can't believe that Florida is ranked higher than us in the poll with it's weak SOS!
clemensd said:   What is up with Poll Voters   2007-2-19 12:34:3
Why the hell is Florida still ranked above UCLA? UCLA is number 1 in both numbers-based rankings...and Florida sucks in both...but they stay at #3? I think the poll voters are idiots...
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