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bobcaine said:   Nova 2010-2011   2010-3-29 9:6:45
We had a great year and next year could be even better! Who do you think will start for the team next year? Pena, Stokes, Fisher, Yarou, King is my pick. Who do you think?
kearnzie62 said:   Nova sucks in general   2010-3-24 14:2:21
Nova fans are the most annoying fans, enough said if anyone wants to argue id be happy to but as of now just throwin it out there how much they suck
gousa said:   Huskies next   2006-2-24 10:20:25
this one is going to be tough, but as long as we're playing our game, should be fine. go cats!
HPorter said:   'Cats   2006-2-24 3:15:49
Are they not the best team in D1. The most dominant set of guards to ever play the game. Of the 4 of them, I think Lowry has the best shot in the bigs.
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