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cffan said:   Different teams this year   2017-9-23 20:37:50
I hope it'll improve over the season!
coolguy said:   must beat oregon st.   2010-9-19 12:59:56
virginia tech's loss last week really hurt broncos. now broncos must win the battle vs oregon st.
TigerFan said:   BCS a joke?   2009-9-28 12:21:58
I dont care to look them all up but Hawaii got the crap kicked out of them in the BCS a couple years ago so Non BCS is definately not 2-0.
goBroncos said:   out of BCS   2008-12-4 16:13:9
we appears out of BCS hope, the whole BCS b**s should be gone! let's be fair and square. we beat Oregon at home, that says a lot!
gatersnation said:   Only two cases so far   2007-1-8 20:46:57
how could you say that since there were only two cases in the history so far.
goBroncos said:   BCS is a joke   2007-1-3 21:30:42
apparently, BCS is a joke. none-bcs confs are now 2-0 in the bcs games. That tells a lot!
bowsfan said:   Congratulations to Boise   2007-1-1 22:13:0
Great win! What a great and fun game!
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